Pingxiang City ZhongXing Packing Co., Ltd is specialized in tower packing and water treatment media. It has been committed to becoming a scientific and technological company who integrating research and development, manufacturing, sales and service . We provides stable and efficient tower packing and aeration system solutions from the perspectives of research and development, production and assembly, system design.

With the advanced production lines of ceramic/plastic/metal, the anual output is about 50,000 tons/20,000 cubic meters/10,000 cubic meters with superior quality. Our company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification. This enables us to provide our customers professional solutions at a fair competitive standard, positioning ourselves as specialized partners adept at collaboratively constructing robust and enduring successful commercial synergies with our clients. Our products have gained extensive traction, being distributed to over 60 countries across Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East etc.

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Our advantages:

Premium-Quality Products at Competitive Prices.

Robust Packaging Options (including jumbo bags, carton boxes, pallets, wooden boxes, and steel drums).

Swift Delivery (standard-sized products are readily available in our inventory).

Expertise in Providing Solutions for Ceramic/Plastic/Metal Column Packings.

Comprehensive Industrial Product Services — Beyond manufacturing chemical towers, tower internals, and tower packings, we extend our capabilities to on-site anti-corrosion installations. We hold all government-issued certifications, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Our success is intertwined with the success of our customers. The cornerstone of our company lies in providing reliable, efficient, and responsive support and service. Our commitment is centered around becoming the premier supplier of tower packings. Our mission is to produce and deliver high-quality chemical packing products at a reasonable price. We aim to guide and support our customers in enhancing their efficiency, leading to increased productivity and profitability.