kaldnes k1 micro k1 mbbr bio media substrate (or vehicle pellet media) is a plastic material used for microorganisms to adhere to and added in wastewater treatment systems, particularly biological tanks to be able to lift High efficiency of this tank in particular and the whole system in general. Simply understood as the habitat, the habitat of microorganisms, it can be made from relatively stable plastic in the wastewater environment.

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Kaldness K1 MBBR Media is designed to move freely around the filtration area, and thus were exposed to constant chaotic movement from the air and water from its respective pump.The suspension biological packing is called BIOCELL. It modified polymeric materials with the promoted additions of bio-enzyme, k1 mbbr media improves the enzymatic catalysis, so it possess excellences of larger specific surface, being easy to multiply biofilm, difficult falling off, high denitrification, good hydrophile, high biological activity and so on. this cause the media to self- clean, and remove stuck detritus as well as rejuvenating the old dead bacteria to be displaced by the new younger heavy feeder bacteria. in addition to that, a constant exposure to the oxygenated water will increase the nitrification process of the bacteria, this significantly increases the Volume to Ammonia/Nitrite ratio that can be decomposed by the bacteria on the media.

K1 mbbr media has been one of the most well documented biological solutions for the treatment of water for ponds, aquariums, and waste water. Excellent for discus breeding tanks and tanks used for growing fry as the unique action of the moving K1 reduces ammonia and nitrate much quicker than static media. This means you can feed higher protein foods more often without polluting the water. 


1.The inner space of the cylinder is divided into 4 equal parts.
2.Self-Cleaning and requires little maintenance.
3.Supports and maintains healthy water conditions.
4.Supports the nitrification cycle for the natural conversion of ammnia to nitrtes, and nitrtes to nitrtes.
5.It is usable for indoors or outdoors.
6.It’s easy to clean and simple use & maintenance.
7.It creates the perfect healthy aquatic environment for fish and plant life.
8.This makes a much-appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers.


Specificaiton of k1 mbbr media:

Size:The K1 media size is at 10mm x 7mm. There are other models of the bio media (i.e. K3 and K5) that are comparatively bigger.
Color:While there are bio media that comes in different colors, our K1 Media is in white. It changes color over time due to the growth of the bacteria. The white color helps with visibility.
Dosing:The dosing ration of this bio media is a wide range from 15% to 68%.
Material:We have K1 media filter made from High-Density Polyethylene or HDPE as it is known. The material is commonly found in water bottles, pipes and plastic lumbers.
It has high density character and can withstand temperatures. With this media it has an applicable temperature 65 °C.
Surface Area:With the size of 10mm x 7mm, this bio media has a surface area of 900 in m2/m3. This surface area can be larger or smaller in other bio media models.
Projected Lifespan:Biological media require minimal maintenance and replacement. With our K1 media, it can last for more or less 10 to 15 years. It is provided that the media are properly used.

kaldnes k1 micro mbbr bio media application

kaldnes k1 micro mbbr bio media is used in domestic wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater such as pharmaceuticals, plating, chemicals, printing, textile dyeing, metallurgy, food processing … in addition to being used in filtration. aquarium water, aquaculture with the name  kaldnes filter grain .

In wastewater treatment to improve treatment efficiency to increase system capacity without building or opening works, people often add microbial buffers to the biological treatment process, in order to increase the exposure density of microbiological with buffer material