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MBBR bio media boasts a rich history in filtration applications. Within the MBBR biofilm technology, a protective environment for biofilm growth is created within specially engineered plastic carriers. These carriers are meticulously designed to provide a large internal surface area. The bio media remains suspended and uniformly mixed throughout the water phase. This innovative technology enables the handling of exceptionally high loading conditions without encountering clogging issues.

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MBBR media, also referred to as MBBR bio media or MBBR carrier, plays a crucial role in the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) wastewater treatment process. Formulated with precision through a scientific approach, this media incorporates a diverse range of trace elements conducive to the swift attachment and growth of microorganisms, tailored to the specific characteristics of different types of sewage. Constructed through a specialized process, it undergoes modification within a polymer material.

With installations in over 50 countries globally, there are now more than 700 wastewater treatment systems in operation, serving both municipal and industrial purposes. Consequently, the demand for MBBR media is substantial.As a leading supplier of MBBR media, we provide a diverse range of options tailored for Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) systems. Our media enhance enzymatic catalysis through the use of high-quality polymeric materials. Obtain the most competitive prices for MBBR media by choosing us as your reliable supplier.

MBBR Features

* Special formula and production technology, accelerating biological film formation ; * Larger effective surface area, obtaining more microorganism; * By bio-film decomposing technology, saving sludge return process; * High-efficiency in denitrification and dephosphorization, improving the water quality; * Lower energy consumption, saving space and shorten technology process.

MBBR working principle

The purpose of MBBR media is clearly illustrated in the MBBR process flow diagram, emphasizing the prevention of bioclogging and the avoidance of head loss build-up.Both the MBBR filter media and MBBR carrier media contribute to the system’s capacity enhancement by offering a retrofit option for existing activated sludge tanks. This results in an increased volume within the current system without the need for constructing new tanks, as calculated in MBBR design calculations. When you choose to purchase MBBR media, you can anticipate: Performance that operates independently of the secondary clarifier. These features collectively make MBBR media a valuable asset in wastewater treatment, ensuring efficiency, adaptability, and space optimization. Effective sludge retention (SRT), promoting favorable conditions for nitrification. Continuous adaptation to load fluctuations without requiring operator intervention. Reduced sludge production. A relatively compact area requirement. Robust resistance against toxic shock.

MBBR Specification

MBBR bio media proves to be a highly versatile material suitable for a wide range of wastewater flows, spanning from 1,000 to 150,000 cubic meters per day.These MBBR media types exhibit a density of 0.96 g/cm3 and a bulk density of 100 kg/m3, with dimensions typically 25 x 10mm or in proximity to this size, available in an array of colors beyond the standard white. The sizing of this media is not confined to a limited range but is, in fact, dynamically adjusted during the manufacturing process to cater to the specific needs of consumers. Its inherent qualities, including robustness, resistance to abrasion, and a compact design, make MBBR media a comprehensive solution, justifying why it should be your preferred choice.Defined as a moving bed biofilm reactor, MBBR operates as a biofilm process distinct from other systems like rotating biological contactors (RBC), trickling filters, or biological aerated filters (BAF). Generally, MBBR wastewater treatment demands less space compared to an activated sludge system due to its more concentrated biomass.

Using Scope

* The sewage plant upgrade project , improve the standard and quantity

* New sewage treatment project of MBBR and biological aerated filter process

* Biochemical treatment of reclaimed water * River regulation denitrification and phosphorus removal

* Aquaculture in addition to ammonia nitrogen, water purification * Biological filter media is used for biological deodorization tower

Mbbr Media Package

0.1CBM/bag  or 1CBM/Jumbo bag 

Why Choose Us

  • Our material is of food-grade quality, completely devoid of heavy metals such as Ph, Tin, and others. Additionally, our material is free from Phthalates and Plasticizers, known contributors to cancer and severe illnesses in both humans and animals. This is particularly crucial for our MBBR media designed for fish farms, as non-food-grade materials could adversely impact the health of the fish, making them susceptible to illnesses.
  • Our MBBR media is crafted from 100% virgin HDPE. Using anything less, such as recycled material, Caco3, or other fillers, makes the MBBR biocarrier prone to breakage and brittleness. This poses a significant danger in water treatment for drinking and fish farms. Small plastic debris resulting from breakage is challenging to remove and can be harmful to the health of fish and shrimp. It also has adverse effects on the human body if present in water treatment processes.
  • Our MBBR media is manufactured with UV protection, ensuring a service life of up to 20 years. In applications where the media is exposed to sunlight, especially in aerobic and anaerobic tanks, lack of UV protection could lead to breakage. This not only reduces the media’s lifespan but also poses a risk of generating plastic debris. This UV protection is essential in preventing the issues highlighted in point No. 2 from recurring due to media breakage under sunlight exposure.