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Ceramic Raschig ring, as a classic tower packing, represents the earliest development in random packing. This cylindrical tube features a simple design with an aspect ratio of 1:1, defined as the ratio of height to diameter. Its purpose is to enhance contact between vapor and liquid phases while minimizing liquid holdup within the column. Known for durability and cost-effectiveness, ceramic Raschig rings continue to find application in various mass transfer processes, especially in the refilling of existing columns.

These rings are available in a diverse range of sizes, spanning from 3mm to 200mm. Smaller sizes up to 8mm serve predominantly as catalyst support media, while those ranging from 10mm to 12mm are commonly used in water filtration systems. Larger rings, typically between 25mm and 50mm, find application in acid scrubbers and low gas flow strippers. For heightened temperature or chemical resistance, high alumina material may be used. The larger rings, ranging from 100mm to 200mm, are often produced with a single wall or cross for added mechanical strength. Cross partition rings, in particular, function as support devices in ceramic random packing for applications like sulfuric acid drying towers. These rings are stacked on ceramic beams to create a robust, corrosion-resistant, and removable grid.

Ceramic Raschig Rings have outstanding acid resistance and heat resistance. It withstand corrosion from various inorganic and organic acids and organic solvents, excluding hydrofluoric acid. Their versatility allows for application in a broad range of conditions, making them suitable for drying columns, absorbing columns, cooling towers, and scrubbing towers in industries such as chemical, metallurgy, coal gas, oxygen production, and more.

Specification of ceramic raschig rings

ceramic raschig ring specification
Customizable Processing: Tailored to your specific requirements, it can be processed and customized accordingly.
Robust Stability: Exhibits resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, ensuring a prolonged service life.
Diverse Specifications: Offers a wide array of sizes and comprehensive specifications, providing ample choices to meet your needs.
Size: 3mm,6mm,10mm,15mm,25mm,35mm,40mm,50mm,76mm,80mm,100mm,150mm

Technical Parameter:

Tech data just for reference. More detail aboout ceramic raschig raing ,contact us freely.

Ceramic raschig Ring Application

Distillation Towers: Ceramic Raschig Rings find widespread use in distillation columns for separating different components of mixtures. Their simple cylindrical shape maximizes the effective contact between gas and liquid phases, enhancing distillation efficiency.
Absorption Towers: Used for absorbing and separating specific components from gases, Ceramic Raschig Rings increase the absorption efficiency by providing a larger surface area for gas-liquid contact. This is commonly employed in gas purification and separation processes.
Cooling Towers: In cooling towers, Ceramic Raschig Rings contribute to the heat exchange between gas and liquid phases, facilitating the cooling process. Their stable chemical properties allow them to withstand potentially corrosive conditions during cooling.
Scrubbing Towers: Applied in scrubbing towers to remove impurities from gases, Ceramic Raschig Rings offer an effective surface area for separating solid or liquid particles from the gas stream.
Drying Towers: Utilized to eliminate moisture from gases, Ceramic Raschig Rings enhance the drying process by promoting interaction between the gas and the adsorbent, effectively removing moisture.
Catalyst Support in Reactors: As a support structure for catalysts in chemical reactions, Ceramic Raschig Rings assist in facilitating efficient reactions between reactants and catalysts.
In summary, Ceramic Raschig Rings play a crucial role in promoting mass transfer and reaction efficiency in various chemical processes, owing to their straightforward yet effective design.

Packing & Delivery for Ceramic Raschig Ring

Plastic woven bag, ton bag, carton box, or packaged as your request.


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