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  • Spec:30*1.1 mm
  • Surface area>5500
  • Packing numbers>340000 pcs/m3
  • Life-span>15 years
  • Material:HDPE

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Characteristics of wood :

  • Hard, compact , fiberous and porous
  • Good wood gives a rich, warm and beautiful surface.

Wood is used for the construction of:

  • Floor, Furniture, Walls
  • Incidental furnishing (lampshades, picture frames)
  • Kitchen & restaurant ware


MBBR Mutag Biochip Biofilm Carrier Filter Media represents a high-performance MBBR carrier designed to offer a safeguarded active surface area. With a surface area of 5,500 m2/m3, it serves to immobilize microorganisms crucial for various aquatic biological treatment processes. This scientifically validated active surface area stands comparably within the range of 350-800 m2/m3 provided by competing solutions. Mutag biochip’s utilization is marked by a high removal rate and dependable process stability. Our biochips deliver removal rates up to 10 times greater than traditional carriers, across all formats, achieved through a premium-quality pore system. To meet the water quality standards necessary for fish and other aquatic organisms, it’s essential to eliminate organic contaminants and nitrogen compounds, primarily present as ammonium, from the water. Therefore, reducing nitrogen levels to a non-hazardous level for the fish is a primary objective of treatment systems in recirculating aquaculture systems. The “Mutag BioChip RAS Process” is ideally suited for achieving this goal.

MBBR Mutag Biochip Features

Scientific formula, quick film hanging
Large specific surface area and large biomass
High decontamination rate, 10 times that of “regular” fillers
Reliable process stability
Optimal void system and structure
Small packing capacity is required

Benefit of Mutag Biochip media

Reduced Mixing Energy
Round Paraboloid shape ensures efficient mixing
minimum mixing energy
Lower Media Volumes.
Lower Tank Volumes.
Lower Minimum Mixing Energy.
Wear Resistant.
Protective outer ring.
Very low mass low momentum. process. 

Using Scope

Mutag Biochip 30 is applicable in the following scenarios:

Compact or containerized treatment facilities
Municipal or domestic sewage treatment (for COD removal, nitrification, ANAMMOX)
Pulp and paper industry
Coke oven plants and the steel industry
Fish farming, aquaculture, koi carp ponds, and swimming ponds
Petrochemical industry
Food and beverage industry, including slaughterhouses
Chemical effluent treatment, including textile factories

Mbbr Media Package

mutag biochip package

0.1CBM/bag  or 1CBM/Jumbo bag 

Why Choose Us

  • Our material is of food-grade quality, completely devoid of heavy metals such as Ph, Tin, and others. Additionally, our material is free from Phthalates and Plasticizers, known contributors to cancer and severe illnesses in both humans and animals. This is particularly crucial for our MBBR media designed for fish farms, as non-food-grade materials could adversely impact the health of the fish, making them susceptible to illnesses.
  • Our MBBR media is crafted from 100% virgin HDPE. Using anything less, such as recycled material, Caco3, or other fillers, makes the MBBR biocarrier prone to breakage and brittleness. This poses a significant danger in water treatment for drinking and fish farms. Small plastic debris resulting from breakage is challenging to remove and can be harmful to the health of fish and shrimp. It also has adverse effects on the human body if present in water treatment processes.
  • Our MBBR media is manufactured with UV protection, ensuring a service life of up to 20 years. In applications where the media is exposed to sunlight, especially in aerobic and anaerobic tanks, lack of UV protection could lead to breakage. This not only reduces the media’s lifespan but also poses a risk of generating plastic debris. This UV protection is essential in preventing the issues highlighted in point No. 2 from recurring due to media breakage under sunlight exposure.