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Ceramic Cascade Mini Ring high-performance random packings offer notable capacity advantages and reduced pressure drop compared to other random packing options. These advanced packings consistently exhibit capacity improvements of up to 15% across diverse applications without sacrificing efficiency. The exceptional mechanical integrity of these high-performance packings enables processors to specify deep beds without experiencing packing deformation. Both high-performance packings are available in various sizes and compatible with virtually any metallic material. Cascade Mini Ring random packings represent the pinnacle of current random packing designs.

Low Aspect Ratio (1/3 to 1/2 of H/D) – Key to Optimal Mass Transfer Performance: The Cascade Mini Ring, as a successful third-generation random packing, has been widely employed in distillation, absorption, and stripping columns globally since its introduction. Its superior performance has been demonstrated in thousands of successful installations, making it the preferred random packing for the majority of licensed processes.

Among the many random packings available in the market, the pall ring has maintained popularity for several decades. Characteristic of the pall ring (and most other cylindrical ring-shaped packings) is a height equal to the ring diameter, resulting in a height-to-diameter ratio of 1.0. In contrast, the Cascade Mini Ring random packing boasts an aspect ratio of only 1:3, meaning its height is typically only 1/3 of its diameter. Despite appearing minor, this change in geometry significantly impacts the process performance of the packing. When dumped into a tower, the “flat” CMR rings tend to preferentially orient themselves in a near-horizontal position, with their cylindrical axis predominantly aligned with the vapor and liquid flow. This contrasts with the tendency of high-aspect-ratio rings like the pall ring to preferentially orient themselves on their side (cylindrical axis more horizontal than vertical).

Performance of Cascade Mini Ring: This preferential orientation of the Cascade Mini Ring (CMR ring) leads to substantial improvements in the process, resulting in enhanced mass transfer efficiency and overall operational effectiveness.

Specification of ceramic cascade rings

Note: The cascade ring specification data just for reference.

Performance of ceramic cascade Ring

  • Reduced Pressure Drop: The predominant orientation of its largest opening in the vapor flow direction facilitates easy vapor passage, leading to a decreased pressure drop.
  • Increased Capacity: The lowered pressure drop shifts the operating point further from the critical pressure drop, where flooding occurs (typically 1-2 in. wc/ft or 10-20 mbar/m). This translates to additional vapor/liquid handling capability.
  • Enhanced Fouling Resistance: Solids entering the packed bed are more effectively flushed through the packing matrix by the liquid, improving fouling resistance.Improved Efficiency: The Cascade Mini Ring (CMR packing) exhibits preferential orientation, positioning most of its surface vertically in the tower rather than horizontally. This orientation is advantageous for mass transfer, ensuring effective wetting of as much surface area as possible. Horizontal surfaces, shielded from trickling liquid, are typically dry and contribute little to the mass transfer process.
  • Substituting PALL-RING with Cascade Mini Ring (CMR ring) results in clear capacity and pressure drop and/or efficiency gains, depending on the designer’s chosen option. The high strength-to-weight ratio of CMR packing allows for deep beds, minimizing the need for support plates and redistributors. CMR packing resists compression, facilitating easy removal during turnarounds.

Physical and Chemical properties:

Ceramic cascade Ring Application

Ceramic cascade mini rings find applications in chemical industries, metallurgical processes, coal gas industries, oxygen production, and more, serving purposes in drying columns, absorbing columns, cooling towers, scrubbing towers, and activator columns.

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